Success Story Program Design and Implementation

We provide a complete service for planning, design, implementation, and execution of customer success story programs. We help you with everything from creating an initial strategy to conducting the actual interviews and writing the stories. We work with you to establish:

  • Goals and targets for the program
  • Incentives for field sales and tech support to provide their vital assistance
  • Incentives for customers to participate
  • Procedures for the complete process from securing leads to final publication, including internal and external reviews
  • Documents explaining the program to your personnel and to customers
  • Interview questionnaires
  • Success story templates
  • Customer approval forms
  • Indexing systems for easily looking up the most pertinent stories for specific interests
  • Internal-use information to augment public success stories

Writing Customer Success Stories and Customer Case Studies
Our services include all research, interviewing, writing, editing, management of the review process, and - on a best-efforts basis - securing customer approvals. The deliverable is final, approved text ready, in your template if desired, for layout and publication. Customers can be from any country in the world. Typically stories are 800 to 900 words, ideal for 2-page printing, though other lengths can be accommodated.

Satisfaction Surveys
Our typical satisfaction surveys are done for partnering program management teams, helping our clients gain insight for improving their programs and individual partner relationships. We develop questionnaires, interview partners, compile individual interview reports and compute overall satisfaction levels. We prepare results in graphical form and present our final reports in person, complete with analysis and recommendations. Our value-add over typical survey companies is that we understand the programs and the technologies that underlie them, which permits us to pursue important tangents with interviewees and conduct richer interviews. We leave a positive, professional impression with everyone we interview, enhancing our client's image.

Other Technically-Oriented Business Communications
We create product data sheets, brochures, whitepapers, annual report contents, and other types of documents that help a company convey its message to customers. We even wrote a letter from the president for Cadence's annual report. Although we shun the term technical writer and tend to avoid routine technical documentation, our whitepapers are often quite technical in nature.

Website Content
We write the content for companies' websites, a form of business communications that has special constraints and considerations. We have written banner ads, corporate overviews, executive biographies, and product descriptions that populate our clients' sites. Although we do not actually build the websites, we work with specialists who do - the designer of this site for example.

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