From Lisa Zaniboni <>

Hi Jim

Thanks for the hard work in the SAP services area.
As the topic is sometimes challenging I always appreciate your professionalism as well as responsiveness for “last minute” jobs.
I´d always recommend you for my area!

Kind regards,

From Barb Warwick <>
Thanks for all your hard work with the BTS team. Your writing is consistently good and you are always on top of your deadlines. You also work really well with the team. I sometimes get complaints from others about this or that, but you just go with the flow. It is greatly appreciated.

From Silke Slootz <>
Jim is a very professional writer, and you need such a professional,
especially in the IT industry. And for Jim it is commonplace to go above and
beyond what's expected of a writer, providing whatever kinds of help are

From Jennifer Lubert <>

You have become one of our heavy hitting success story writers which means
that I feel comfortable sending you many success stories at a time and I
feel 100% confident that you can balance everything and do a good job. I
have heard nothing but good feedback about you.

Sun Microsystems

From Linda Su Kim <>


Great job! Thanks for taking this project on and doing such a good job
on short notice. Kim said you dropped everything to work on this for
us. We really appreciate it. You saved our butts!

It reads like a novel. I don't think I remember reading a success
story/case study/whitepaper that was compelling enough for me to
continue from page to page. I like the tone - very everyday language
and easy to understand.

From: Seth Pinkham <>
Jim, just wanted to let you know how important your contributions have been to the success of Sun's ASP team over the past year. Your work has been a critical factor to our success, and we are eternally grateful.

From: Krishna Tyner-DeWeerd <>
I can confidently recommend Jim Callan, the writer for many groups within
Sun, including mine, ESPG Midrange servers. Jim is extremely professional,
sharp, timely, and accommodating. Best of all, Jim is excellent at creating and fostering relationships with both Sun employees and customers. I can't say enough
about him and I am certain that if you asked anyone else who knows his
work, they would say the same.

From: Elizabeth King <Elizabeth.King@Eng.Sun.COM>
Hi Jim!
I just returned from Baanworld, which was a great success for Sun. Part of that
success was having 3 success stories to show our customers and prospects
attending the event. Your work was and is appreciated!
All the best - Liz

From: Michael Bohlig <>

I want to acknowledge the outstanding job you are doing with
these stories. Lots of good quotes, and users are reinforcing services, SOATC,
etc. Your first drafts are as good as most third or fourth drafts I've seen!

From: Jeanette Kennedy <>
Hi Jim,

Great job, as always.

From: Diana Eadington <Diana.Eadington@Eng.Sun.COM>
Hi Jim,
Overall, there was very positive feedback on the FedEx case study. Thanks for
creating such a strong document!

From: Katherine Aitken <>
Subject: Re: Success Story Questionnaire
Gosh I just LOVE getting all your great background info! It helps so MUCH
to figure out the most appropriate course of action!

From: Laurel Julian <>
Hi Jim,
Everyone really enjoyed your Symantec story and you received high praises!
Thanks again Jim. It's always such a pleasure working with you!

From: Dawn Marshall <Dawn.Marshall@Eng.Sun.COM>
Totally awesome!! Thanks for the great follow-up. I know it's difficult with
int'l folks.

From: Mark Hibbert <Mark.Hibbert@UK.Sun.COM>
Hi Jim
Looking over this draft for Southampton University
the structure and content seems very strong and is exactly what I am looking
for. Do you have any guidelines or template that you follow? I am trying to
piece one together for my writers, the results are looking promising, but still
lacking any punch. Do you have any suggestions for maximising content?
Many thanks,

From: Todd Korth <Todd.Korth@Eng.Sun.COM>
Good job. I wish that I could write as well as you.
I had to pull the Kleenix out of the drawer to wipe
the tears away....Mom and Apple Pie.
Great job and looks fine to me.
Many thanks, this is an extremely important leverage point
for us at Stanford.

From: Waleed Hamza - Sun Switzerland Geneva <>
Thanks so much for this great job! You are a very talented writer.
Please go ahead and publish it.
Best regards,

From: Pam Cooke - Workgroup Servers <pjc@townsend.East.Sun.COM>
Pam Cooke

I just want to say thank you for being so great! You're a wizard.
You're faster, better and easier to work with. How's that for decisive?
I'll start sending leads your way after the first of the year.
Thanks and have a happy safe New Yrs!


From: <frankc@Cadence.COM>
Great story and very good technical content! This is just what a lot of
potential customers need to see. How soon can we start sending this to
potential customers? :)

From: Paul Musto <>
I want to thank you for all the work you put into developing the 3 Success Story leads. I am incredibly impressed by how you were able to take such limited input, make the calls, and turn it into an impressive customer testimonial. I'm positive that these will become an invaluable tool in our sales efforts - you are amazing!

From: Annie Ying <>

This is great! I was just in the process of sending you an email asking
what's going on with this story, and your email popped right into the
in-basket notification.

What an outstanding job you did on the AHA success story. What a great story. It will give us considerable leverage. Again, GREAT JOB!!
David P. Desharnais

Quickturn, a Cadence Company
From: <>
Thanks, Jim, for all your fine work on this story on our behalf here at
We shall be leveraging your story everywhere throughout Quickturn's marcom
media machine so your work is much appreciated.


I loved the Toshiba success story -- reads like an engaging novel.
The first paragraph is a wonderful opening, the last paragraph a good close.

Dell Computer Corporation
Thanks for your patience and great work. Our team has only rave reviews
about you and your work!!


I'm very pleased with the story. I've sent it over my counterparts
who approve the story for the applications content.

You do good work because:
  • you can write
  • you're fast
  • you're technically savvy
  • you communicate well
  • you understand Dell, and can work with others with an understanding of all our processes

As always Jim, you ROCK!!! Thanks for taking the time to do this. I found
it interesting to read through your process as well.

From: <>
This is really awesome!! I want to put it in a glossy form and send it

Other Selected Customers
From: Kevin Montgomery <>
Got it and it looks GREAT!!!! Thank you so much for a great story!
Kevin Montgomery Ph.D. +1.650.498.6978
Technical Director
National Biocomputation Center

From: <>
Hi Jim,
Great success story! Sounds like you made friends quickly with the Syracuse

From: Alex Manning <>
Hi Jim:
Thanks so much for your work on this. It was nice having had the
opportunity to talk with you and its nice to know where we can find a good

From: Lise Olson <>
Their beauty leaves me breathless!
Thank you so much for following-up and sending these along,
Jim. These are grand!

From: Carey Barnes <>
Great stuff! Will review closely this evening but this is dynamite!


From: Chad Nikoletich <>
After reading your article, I was filled with a sense of awe of what real
writers can create.

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